Here are a couple things you need to know in order to stay safe at the event!

Nottingham Lake is located directly behind the venue. This is a FROZEN LAKE, not a field. PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR THIS LAKE. THERE HAVE BEEN DEATHS FROM PEOPLE FALLING IN AND FREEZING.

I-70 is not a place to walk. Cars travel 70mph in winter conditions. Please do not try to walk ANYWHERE on I-70.

We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers. Please lend a hand to help keep everyone safe at SnowBall!

What time does the festival begin and end each day?

  • Friday 1pm-10pm
  • Saturday 12pm-10pm
  • Sunday 12pm-8pm

*These times are subject to change.

What can I bring to the festival?

  • Festival Pass
  • Warm Jackets, hats, gloves, snow boots
  • Personal (non-detachable lens) camera
  • Small-medium backpack
  • Two factory-sealed water bottles

What is not allowed at the festival?

  • Knives, weapons or fireworks of ANY kind
  • Outside food/drink
  • Alcohol (alcohol will be available for purchase at the event)
  • Illegal substances or drug paraphernalia
  • Coolers
  • Flasks
  • Camelbacks
  • Glass of ANY kind
  • Tents or umbrellas
  • Video cameras or professional cameras (with detachable lenses)
  • Audio recording hardware
  • Instruments of ANY kind
  • Water guns or sprayers
  • Chain wallets
  • Laser pointers
  • Pets (service dogs are allowed)
  • Chairs or furniture of ANY kind
  • Framed or large backpacks (anything you would not be allowed to carry on a plane)
  • Illegal/unauthorized vending
  • Flyers or marketing materials
  • Skateboards, scooters, bikes, snowshoes, snowboards, skis, snollerblades, or ANY form of personal transportation

*Security will be conducting bag checks, pat downs and pocket searches at their discretion. Violation of these terms can result in confiscation, expulsion, or arrest depending upon severity of the violation. 

Is there an age limit for the festival?

We welcome people of all ages at SnowBall Music Festival! In fact, children 10 and under who are accompanied by a parent or guardian receive free admission to the festival.

What kind of accommodations are there for attendees with disabilities?

There will be a designated viewing deck for attendees with disabilities at the festival. Please ask one of our staff members for assistance to this location. Also, there are several ADA parking spaces available in front of the Town of Avon Library. Please be aware that while the festival site is wheelchair accessible, the event takes place outdoors in winter conditions; therefore, some travel over snow might be required.

What if I lose or break my festival wristband?

If your festival wristband is lost, you will be required to leave the event or purchase a new one. If your wristband breaks or comes off, please hold on to it and take it to the nearest security team member for assistance right away.

What if I try to share my wristband with someone else?

Anyone caught sharing or passing a wristband will be detained by security and handed over to local police on site.

What temperatures should I expect during the event?

It will be COLD! We recommend that you come prepared for snow and winter conditions. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 40° range during the day and in the teens at night. Please dress accordingly.

Is the entire festival in tents?

No, there will be some tented areas at the event, but the main stage will be outdoors.

Will there be re-entry into the festival?

Yes, festival attendees with a three-day pass will be allowed re-entry until 7pm. There will be no re-entry with single-day passes.

Can I get food and drinks inside the event?

Absolutely! There will be vendors selling food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages inside the venue. Vegetarian options will be available. More information related to our food vendors will be released leading up to the festival.

Will there be drinking water available at the venue?

Yes, there will be a refillable drinking water program available for a minimal fee. Reusable water bottles will be sold in conjunction with this program.

Water Station Rules:
-Purchase a “SnowBall” reusable water bottle and get unlimited refills for the weekend.
-Purchase a sticker for your reusable water bottle and get unlimited refills for the weekend (Nalgenes and Canteens only).
*Due to public health concerns, we cannot refill ANY disposable water bottles.

What if I need to use an ATM. Will there be any on site?

There will be several ATMs conveniently located on the festival grounds. ATMs will be marked on the festival map provided at the entrance to the venue.

Will there be a Lost & Found at the festival?

Yes, Lost & Found will be handled by Guest Services. After the festival, Lost & Found items can be found at the Fire Department.

I have prescription medication that I need at the event. What should I do?

If you have ANY medical conditions that require prescription medication, please check in with one of our medical/first aid tents. These can be located on the festival map.

Will there be first aid/medical assistance at the festival?

Yes, there will be several medical/first aid tents strategically located around the venue. Please see the festival map for exact locations or ask a SnowBall staff member if you need assistance locating these tents.

Will there be security at the festival?

We want to ensure that everyone at SnowBall remains safe; therefore, we will have security guards along with local police officers present at the event.