Ticket FAQs

I Lost/Forgot My Ticket — What Should I Do?

Yikes! Did you break a mirror or something? Bummer. We recommend you get in touch directly with our friends over at Ticketmaster — they’ll walk you through your options and make sure you’re taken care of!  

Do I Have To Pay Full Admission For My Child?

Children 10 years-old and younger will be admitted free of charge with a ticket-holding adult.

Is It Safe To Buy A #SNOWBALL2014 Ticket From Craigslist/Stubhub?

You’re more than welcome to try, Risky Rick — but we can’t really help you out if there’s any kind of issue. If you purchase from another source, you risk purchasing a counterfeit or invalid ticket. SnowBall is not responsible for tickets purchased from affiliated ticketing platforms/unofficial sources.

Are #SB14 Tickets Refundable?

Not that you would ever want to refund your tickets … but NOPE! As outlined on the ticketing platform where you originally purchased your tickets, tickets are non-refundable and nontransferable.

Question About An Order You’ve Already Placed?

No problem! Your best bet is to contact our ticketing partner, TicketMaster, through their Designated Contact Page! If you would prefer to talk to someone via telephone, please call their help-line at 800-653-8000.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Ticket prices for all ticketing types can be found on our TICKETING page.

Are Single Day Tickets Going To Be Available?

Cool your jets! Single Day tickets may or not may not become available as the festival approaches. Historically, they’ve gone on-sale at or around a month before the festival — but if you want to be 100% certain you’re able to attend, we recommend you pick up a 3-Day pass while they’re still available.